This summer, we are waiting for our campers in the shooting range of the Debrecen Shooting School Sports Club, in a super cool environment in the centre of Debrecen.

Location: 1 Domb street
We welcome  students to our international camp from other  countries, just like in previous years.
The theme of this year’s camp is programming and robotics.

In the future it will be more and more important for students to have IT language skills.
In our English camp we will communicate as much as possible in English, programming and coding robots.

We will do lots of sports, crafts, and escape room  puzzles.
We will visit Agora Science Centre and go on a factory visit to NI Hungary Kft.
Our English and IT teachers have lots of other games for the children.

We welcome applications from primary school children.
Children of different ages and language levels will work in separate groups.
Three meals a day will be provided. Lunch will be provided by the Blaháné Restaurant.

Children are welcome in two rotations:

  • 8-12 July
  • 15-19 July
  • The camp fee is 60.000 HUF
  • For our discount partners 54.000 HUF
  • We offer a sibling discount of 5.000 HUF/person for siblings.

Please apply using the form below: